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lovesguinness: (006)

Detective Euan Fitzpatrick

25th Precinct, NYPD

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Name:Detective Euan Fitzpatrick
Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
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detective euan fitzpatrick

5'10" tall | Dark brown hair | Brown eyes | Irish accent

NAME: Euan Seamus Fitzpatrick
NICKNAME: Fitzy, Dickpatrick, U, Irish
PLACE OF BIRTH: Dublin, Ireland
LOCATION: New York City, New York
FAMILY: Mary-ann and Shane (parents, both deceased)
Amanda (older sister), Ronan (older brother), Ciaran (son)
EMPLOYMENT: Detective, 25th Precinct, NYPD

Euan is the youngest child of Mary-ann and Shane Fitzpatrick, seven years younger than his brother and one year younger than his sister. After attending Oxford University, Euan's older brother moved to New York and worked his way up the career ladder as a successful stock broker on Wall Street. Euan had always been close to both his siblings, but after some reckless high school years that involved a few near arrests and hitting hard drugs, and pulling a knife on his own grandmother for cash to fund the habit, his parents encouraged him to go live in America with his brother for awhile to try and get back on the straight and narrow. The plan was a success and Euan enjoyed living in New York from day one. He eventually gained his US citizenship and was awarded a position in the Police Academy, soon becoming a rookie on the streets of New York. He loved his job and it didn't take long for him to move onto a career as a homicide detective, which is where his life remains at present.

In 2005, Euan's life was turned upside when his parents were killed on the subway in the London Bombings whilst they were in England visiting family. Even though he had lived in New York since he was a teenager, Euan was devastated by the loss of his parents having always had a close relationship with them. He and his brother returned to Ireland at this time to be with family, but he did eventually go back to his job in America, feeling that he could at least make a difference getting justice elsewhere if he would never get any for his parents. He still regularly grieves for them, especially around poignant dates, but he mostly keeps it to himself, rarely talking about his parents to anyone.

Despite his difficult recent past, Euan remains to be a reckless person. He lives a very promiscuous life and has a mouth like a gutter. He is covered in tattoos, likes to have a lot of sex and drinks too much. But beneath all that, he can be a very caring person to those who are important to him. He also has an uncharacteristic empathy for victims and their loved ones that comes through when he's on the job. His personal life is his own, however, and he is the epitome of a committment-phobe, though he swears he's not phobic of anything. He just doesn't want to be tied down, and will be the first to admit he has dabbled in some interesting kinks over his years. He has had an on-again, off-again sexual fling with his working partner, Virginia Stewart, but they never really dated. Instead, they just became best friends with benefits and it seemed to compliment their working relationship... most of the time.

When Virginia met London copper, Matt Devlin online and fell for him after an international booty call, she decided to make a temporary move to London to explore a relationship with him. This left Euan high and dry without the partner he had held onto the longest, and although he insists there was no jealousy on his part, it still was a hard pill to swallow when he got a sense of abandonment and loneliness when Vee left the country. Euan floundered a little, but gave into her request to visit her in London and meet her new lover. Euan went, albeit extremely reluctantly because following the death of his parents in the London Bombings, it wasn't a city Euan desired to be in at all. In fact, the very notion caused him to have intense panic attacks. But he stuck it out and gave in, knowing he would do anything for Vee is she asked him enough.

The trip was abysmal with Euan landing in hospital over Christmas and New Year with pnuemonia. He ended up returning back to New York once he had recovered knowing deep in his gut that after witnessing her whom he had come to sarcastically refer to as "Supercop", Vee wasn't going to come home to New York... or to her job as Euan's partner. It gave Euan a lot of fuel for thought, and little did Gee know that during his stay in London, Euan had been pulling strings with some old mates and arranged a job in London if he wanted it. He needed to keep his options open. But after a lot of thinking, he decided to bite the proverbial bullet and give living and working in London a shot, even though he didn't have much of a love for the city.

Ciaran Euan O'Sullivan was born in Dublin, Ireland to sixteen year old single mother, Cara O'Sullivan. Ciaran was brought into the world from dark times, his conception during a drugged up haze between his mother and father one day in the back alley of a pub. Cara literally had sex with Ciaran's father for drugs and her life didn't get much better from then. From the minute she heard she was pregnant she tried desperately to get clean for the sake of the baby, but it was the fight of a losing battle. She stayed clean for the duration of the pregnancy, but post-natal depression had her turning back to the hard drugs before he was even three months old. It led to Ciaran being in and out of the care of his maternal grandparents most of his life as she was on and off the wagon with monotonous consistency since his birth. They finally gained full custody of him when Cara was arrested for drug possession and dealing when Ciaran was nine years old and he lived with them ever since.

Ciaran had learnt that his father was Euan Fitzpatrick when he was eight years old, when his mother gave him a photograph of the elusive, tattooed Irishman one night when she was sober and feeling particularly nostalgic. Ciaran kept the photo, always ensuring it was in a safe place ever since that night, and regularly wished that one day his dad would come and take him away to a place where dads played footy with their kids and mums helped them with their homework. It never happened, but Ciaran still kept the photo and started saving his pocket money with intent of one day finding his dad on his own. His grandparents, strict Catholics with a bitter contempt towards their daughter for turning bad and not following God's advice, refused to tell Ciaran anything about the man in the photo and always got angry at him when he tried to ask, blaming him for everything that happened to Ciaran's mother. All Ciaran knew was that his middle name was his dad's name and it was only after Googling the name and finding a London newspaper article about a cop who arrested a serial killer that Ciaran finally got some information to track his dad down in London.

Just days after his tenth birthday, with his savings shoved in his backpack, Ciaran bought a train ticket to London and ran away from his grandparents home. All he wanted to do was find his dad, not matter what it took. Euan's life was flipped upside down and it was a complete mindfuck for him to learn he had ended up a father from a stupid drug-hazed mistake when he was a teenager. It didn't help that Ciaran fell sick not long after arriving in London and it resulted in a diagnosis of a condition called Addison's Disease, that again put a massive spanner in Euan's works. He was about the least paternal bloke to ever exist but on hearing the horrible ordeals his son had gone through since birth, it triggered some natural fatherly instinct in Euan and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to be a good father to his son. It wasn't an easy route for either of them, but once the connection was forged and with Euan forced to take care of the boy, their relationship blossomed and whilst he used to live to work, Ciaran suddenly became the most important part of Euan's life.

London didn't work out, though. It became evident Euan missed the rough edges of New York and his brother along with his wife offered Euan as much support as he needed with Ciaran. He cut the ties he had made in London including a relationship he had delved into there that didn't work out because commitment really wasn't his thing, and took his son to move back to New York. With Ciaran now almost 12, single fatherhood isn't easy but they cope. Ciaran finally got the dad he always wanted and Euan... does the best he can. He's no Saint by any means. He still swears too much, sleeps around, drinks too much, but he's proud to be a father and a cop, and beyond that, he couldn't give a fuck about anything else.


This is an roleplay journal for character Euan Fitzpatrick, an original character. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] lovesguinness are original work and owned by his creator. Journal and character are for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Euan is portrayed by actor Colin Farrell and is in no way affiliated to Colin Farrell.

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