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19. Bonus Section #1. MEME ABOUT YOU

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18.8.3. Neighbours

With a rough groan of irritation, Euan reached over and aggressively slapped off the trilling alarm clock on his bedside table. It copped such a slap that it went tumbling to the floor with a telltale crash, but at least it fell silent. Damnit. He was going to need to buy another alarm clock. Again. This was the fourth he had smashed in six months. He needed to try and learn to be a bit more of a morning person. He flopped onto his back, eyes still clamped shut and let out a hoarse sigh as he scratched at his bare stomach and then crept lower to indulge in a scratch of his nuts. He yawned widely, trying to pry his eyes open just a little, but growled again when the morning light streaming through the sides of the blinds assaulted his sensitive pupils.

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V is Virginia Stewart [[ profile] nychandcuffs] and referenced with permission

Word Count | 598