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6.18. "If I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer!"
Ace Ventura

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Euan really shouldn't have gotten out of bed that day. That realisation because more and more clear to him as the day progressed and he began to feel increasingly more crap as the hours passed. Lunch was a huge mistake. Knowing he had a long haul interrogation ahead of him, he should have taken the signals and realised that he wasn't just exhausted, he was just feeling plain sick. The pnuemonia had been one thing and contracted because of the plane journey, but in general, he rarely got sick. He had always had a tough constitution and most things apparently passed him by while they struck others down around him. He didn't take notice of the signs and figured it would all just pass anyway. Maybe overdoing it in Amsterdam after already knackered from trying to find his feet in London. Whatever it was, Euan found himself in the hours following lunch with Vee feeling unnervingly like he was going to throw up. Or maybe worse. Right then, his gut could completely rebel and throwing up might be the least of worries.

Still, he was good at masks and good at concealing what he was really feeling. Perfect at it, even... )

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LINK: Airports fucking suck.
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LINK: Nothing ever fucking is.
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4.22. Something always takes the place
Of missing pieces
You can take and put together even though
You know there's something missing

Missing - Beck

Euan and Virginia pretty much spent the duration of the drive from Heathrow Airport into London city centre in silence. Euan was starting to feel like he had been hit by one of the red double-decker buses that kept passing by, and as they got further and further into London, he lost the ability to actually speak because of the lump that had formed in his throat. This was harder than he had anticipated, so he was relieved Vee didn't push him beyond quiet checks now and again that he was okay. He wasn't. She knew he wasn't, and he didn't need to vocalise it. The nods he gave her were just reassurances he wasn't about to jump back on the next plane home to New York. He was here now, may as well face the demons.

But he was exhausted and the jet-lag mixed with anxiety just made him want to crawl into bed - any bed - to sleep it off... )

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Word Count | 667